Yamaguchi Vietnam participates in the World of Manufacturing Osaka Japan 2023

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Yamaguchi Vietnam participates in the international industry exhibition – Manufacturing world Osaka Japan 2023

The 27th international industry exhibition – Manufacturing World takes place at Intex Osaka, Japan from October 4 to October 6, 2023.

M-Tech Osaka is one of the largest annual exhibitions specializing in mechanical engineering, supporting industries and machining techniques in Japan. In addition to Japanese businesses, the exhibition often has the participation of many manufacturers from industrial powers in the world such as England, France, Germany, America, Korea,…

Proud to be one of the Vietnamese representatives participating in the exhibition, Yamaguchi wishes to bring Vietnamese products globally and seek opportunities to cooperate with international businesses and friends.
Booth information of the Vietnamese delegation at the exhibition: Vietnam Pavilion: Hall 6-A, Booth 36-21.

Yamaguchi would like to sincerely thank you for your interest in our products and services. Yamaguchi is pleased to accompany you to new successes and victories.
We will be exhibiting at the 27th [Kansai] Mechanical Component Technology Exhibition (M-Tech Osaka), which will be held at Intex Osaka for three days from October 4 (Wednesday) to October 6 10 (Friday), 2023.

Kansai Mechanical Element Technology Exhibition (M-Tech) is an exhibition that displays mechanical parts such as motors, bearings, screws and springs, processing technologies such as cutting, pressing and surface treatment. face. Every year, a large number of users from the departments of design, development, prototyping, production, production technology and purchasing visit the exhibition and hold business negotiations with companies exhibition.

Yamaguchi Vietnam is proud to be one of the Vietnamese companies participating in this exhibition and wishes to introduce Vietnamese products to the international market, while also looking for opportunities to cooperate with companies from all over. In the world.

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